I'm looking for a way to configure MongoDB to use Linux PAM to manage user passwords. This way when a user changes their password, it doesn't have to be manually updated in Mongodb.

Searching for help for this online only returns one result which is a blog article that mentions this is possible but doesn't describe how this is done.

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The official documentation skips over setting up PAM and talks about LDAP.

How can I configure Mongodb to authenticate db users via Linux PAM?

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Unfortunately, MongoDB authentication using PAM Linux seems to be configurable only in MongoDB Enterprise Edition.

This is because PAM Authentication requires PLAIN Authentication Mechanism, available only in MongoDB Enterprise Edition as mentionned in the documentation:

PLAIN (LDAP SASL) External authentication using LDAP. You can also use PLAIN for authenticating in-database users. PLAIN transmits passwords in plain text. This mechanism is available only in MongoDB Enterprise.

BTW, in MongoDB Enterprise Edition, you can enable PAM Authentication using the following (tested on Debian Stretch):

Install saslauthd

apt-get install sasl2-bin

vi /etc/default/saslauthd


/etc/init.d/saslauthd restart

At this step you may test your sasl configuration with ("myuser" is your unix user):

testsaslauthd -u <myuser> -p <SecretPassword>

This should output a success message:

0: OK "Success."

Create a MongoDB user "myuser"

Replace "myuser" with the user with whom you want to authenticate.

mongo admin

      user : "myuser",
      roles: [ { role: "read", db: "mydb" } ]

Configure MongoDB to enable PLAIN Authentication Mechanism

vi /etc/mongod.conf

  authorization: enabled

  authenticationMechanisms: PLAIN,MONGODB-X509,SCRAM-SHA-1,SCRAM-SHA-256

You should add the (Linux) mongodb user to the sasl group (this makes sure that MongoDB has the permission to access saslauthd)

adduser mongodb sasl

Restart mongod

systemctl restart mongod.service

Connect to MongoDB

Now, on MongoDB Enterprise, you should be able to authenticate using your linux username/pwd:

mongo --authenticationMechanism=PLAIN --authenticationDatabase='$external' -u myuser mydb

MongoDB shell version v4.0.7
connecting to: mongodb://
Implicit session: session { "id" : UUID("********-****-****-****-************") }
MongoDB server version: 4.0.7
MongoDB Enterprise > 

On MongoDB Community Edition, it sadly fails with an "Unsupported mechanism" error:

MongoDB shell version v4.0.7
connecting to: mongodb://
2019-03-25T18:26:51.307+0100 E QUERY    [js] Error: Unsupported mechanism 'PLAIN' on authentication database '$external' :
exception: connect failed

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