I'm trying to pass data from my controller to mail class but it won't work for some reasons.

Problem should be somewhere in variable passing but I don't have any error messages.

Controller code:

$send_data = [  
    "name" => $product->name,  
    "quantity" => $item->quantity,  
    "price" => $final_price  

\Mail::to($email)->send(new OrderMail($send_data));  

Mail class:

class OrderMail extends Mailable  
use Queueable, SerializesModels;

public $subject = "Úspešná objednávka";
public $send_data;

public function __construct($send_data)
    $this->send_data = $send_data;

public function build()
 $send_data = $this->send_data; 
 return $this->markdown('emails.ordered');

I would like to access data in emails.ordered view

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    it won't work is not a good reason. What's not working exactly? Any error messages? – Mozammil Feb 9 at 19:09
  • nope, I don't have any. I just can't access it in view because the variable is not passed there – Martin K. Feb 9 at 19:19
  • Could you show your mailable view? – Mozammil Feb 9 at 19:28
  • What version of Laravel are you using? Can you show how you've tried to access those variables in the blade file? – Ross Wilson Feb 9 at 19:38
public function __construct($send_data)
    $this->send_data = $send_data;

$this->send_data      // this is a variable that you can use in view.

You can access through $send_data variable (that is defined in __construct()).


After all I was just stupid and made typo in my markdown file, here's how my markdown should looked:


<h1>Dobrý deň {{$buyer}}!</h1> 
<p>Vaša objednávka bola spracovaná úspešne.<p>
| Produkt         | Počet ks.            | Cena               |
@foreach($send_data as $item)
|{{$item["name"]}}| {{$item["quantity"]}}| {{$item["price"]}}€|
<p>V prípade osobného odberu si môžete vyzdvihnúť tovar na predajni s týmto 
klúčom: {{$next_id}}</p>

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