I am using switcyard and have a camel jms producer that writes messages to IBM MQ. The exchange is IN_ONLY. At times when there is issue at the broker side then the jms producer keeps waiting for writing a message. It never timeout.

I have seen camel documentation but it says timeout can be configured only for IN_OUT exchange pattern. I am not able to find a suitable approach to configure timeout.

<sca:reference name="I007OutboundJmsReference" multiplicity="0..1" promote="CamelServiceRoute/I007OutboundJmsReference">
      <sca:interface.java interface="com.xxx.i007Central.I007OutboundJmsReference"/>
      <jms:binding.jms name="i007-JMS-Reference">
        <jms:contextMapper includes=".*"/>
        <jms:messageComposer class="com.xxx.esb.composer.MessageComposer"/>
          <jms:parameter name="jmsMessageType" value="Text"/>

I am expecting my producer to timeout in 10 seconds.

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    Can you check the HBINT setting of the MQ queue manager's SVRCONN channel. JMS will pick this up to base the receive timeout on the MQ client end. Default is 300 which did result in a 360 second timeout. I wouldn't recommend less than 10 which results in a 20 second timeout. There is no way to force a lower timeout on the client side it must be lowered on the SVRCONN. – JoshMc Feb 9 at 20:03

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