While trying to interface with a C library (Vulkan) I am faced with the following error while trying to assign a Swift(4.2) native String to C String

error: cannot assign value of type 'String' to type 'UnsafePointer<Int8>?'

I'm doing a simple assignment

var appInfo = VkApplicationInfo()
appInfo.pApplicationName = "Hello world"

Wasn't Swift supposed to handle these through its automatic bridging?

  • Automatic bridging can't help here, because it doesn't solve the memory management problem. You're passing a Swift string to C code that doesn't play by Swift's ARC rules. I think you need to use Unmanaged<T> in this case, but I'm not sure. – Alexander Feb 9 at 20:18
  • @Alexander: Unmanaged<T> won't help here, that is only used with classes T. – Martin R Feb 9 at 20:50

The automatic creation of a C string representation from a Swift String is only done when calling a function taking a UnsafePointer<Int8> argument (compare String value to UnsafePointer<UInt8> function parameter behavior), and the C string is only valid for the duration of the function call.

If the C string is only need for a limited lifetime then you can do

let str = "Hello world"
str.withCString { cStringPtr in
    var appInfo = VkApplicationInfo()
    appInfo.pApplicationName = cStringPtr

    // ...

For a longer lifetime you can duplicate the string:

let str = "Hello world"
let cStringPtr = strdup(str)! // Error checking omitted for brevity
var appInfo = VkApplicationInfo()
appInfo.pApplicationName = UnsafePointer(cStringPtr)

and release the memory if it is no longer needed:


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