i have the following endpoint: /move/:player/:pins to which i can post 1 or 2 pins as such:

do_post "http://localhost:${PORT}/move/${PLAYER1}/1"
do_post "http://localhost:${PORT}/move/${PLAYER2}/5,6"

this is because the endpoint contains following logic:

int[] pins = Arrays.stream(request.params("pins").split(",")).mapToInt(Integer::parseInt).toArray();

with just 1 pin, i can do the following in rest assured:

given().when().post("/move/{firstPlayer}/{pinNum}", PLAYER_SIX, 1)...

how do i do similar for two pins? note: right now this hard coded version works:

given().when().post("/move/{firstPlayer}/3,4", PLAYER_THREE)...

what i've tried:

int[] arr = new int[2];
arr[0] = 8;
arr[1] = 9;
given().when().post("/move/{firstPlayer}/{pinNum}", PLAYER_SIX, arr)...

given().when().post("/move/{firstPlayer}/{pinNum}", PLAYER_SIX, {3, 4})...

i've also desperately tried

given().when().post("/move/{firstPlayer}/{pinNum},{pinNum}", PLAYER_SIX, 3, 4)...
given().when().post("/move/{firstPlayer}/{{pinNum},{pinNum}}", PLAYER_SIX, 3, 4)...

note: How to pass parameters to Rest-Assured contains some useful info


Your last example can work if you change parameter names to something like

given().when().post("/move/{firstPlayer}/{pinNum1},{pinNum2}", PLAYER_SIX, 3, 4)...

Otherwise you can create a helper method:

  public static String toParamString(int... values) {
    int iMax = values.length - 1;
    if (iMax == -1) {
      return "";

    StringBuilder b = new StringBuilder();
    for (int i = 0; ; i++) {
      if (i == iMax) {
        return b.toString();

And use it like this:

given().when().post("/move/{firstPlayer}/{pinNum}", toParamString(1, 2, 3, 4))...

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