I am trying to run the query:

let query =
            _id IN ($1::bigint[])
            account_id = $2
let fields =

but it's giving me the error:

operator does not exist: bigint = bigint[]

_ids is an array.


The error I was getting once implementing the answer was:

GraphQLError: Int cannot represent non-integer value: []

This was simply a GraphQL error, nothing to do with postgres.


The IN operator expects either a set of rows with exactly one column, or a parenthesized list of scalar expressions. It doesn't accept an array.

One answer suggests :list, which tells pg-promise to do the right thing:

WHERE _id IN ($1:list)

Another answer suggests = any, where ANY is a Postgres operator that does accept arrays:

WHERE _id = ANY ($1::int[])
  • for either example, I'm getting the error: GraphQLError: Int cannot represent non-integer value: [] and shouldn't it be bigint? Since the _id is bigserial – A. L Feb 10 '19 at 1:24
  • this was actually the answer. The issue I was getting was GraphQL's error zzz. – A. L Feb 10 '19 at 4:46

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