I'm trying to add a search bar with a scope bar in the navigation bar.

searchController = UISearchController(searchResultsController: nil)
let searchBar = searchController.searchBar
searchBar.scopeButtonTitles = ["Clients", "Vendors"]
searchBar.showScopeBar = true
navigationItem.searchController = searchController

This works initially, and while searching, but after dismissing the search controller the navigation bar returns to a smaller size, hiding the scope bar.


After dismissing search

According to the Capture View Hierarchy tool, it's the actual UISearchBar that shrinks in size, so I tried some hacks to increase it:

  • overriding didDismissSearchController and:
    • calling sizeToFit() on the search bar, and the navigationController?.navigationBar
    • setting the search bar's frame height
    • setting the searchBar's heightAnchor to a constant
    • calling setNeedsLayout() and layoutIfNeeded() on the navigation bar

I also tried adding the searchbar to the table view's header, but that has the same problem: the bar shrinks after dismissing search. So it's not because it's in the navigation bar, it's because of the scope bar.

  • FWIW, When the search controller is being dismissed, showScopeBar is reset to false. Alas, turning it back on, and calling sizeToFit() does not fix it. I'm beginning to suspect this is a bug, and the only workaround is to use UISearchBar without the UISearchController. – alekop Feb 10 at 2:19

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