Re: https://xradio.us/start/time-place-pronounce.html

This is an iOS/iPad-only problem. Desired onClick behavior is to play a short audio clip (pronunciation), then open a window to the Wikipedia page.

This works in Windows/Android but iOS does the opposite: opening the Wikipedia page and then AFTER the Wikipedia is closed, it plays the audio file.

Click Place Name or Button

I tried setTimeout() to delay opening the Wikipedia page but that made things worse, triggering popup blocking. Trying <AUDIO onended="window.open(wikiURL)" etc.> also just triggered popup blocking. NOTE: only the last two lines of JS code should be relevant to this question.

    var mobile = "";
    if(window.innerWidth<1000) mobile = navigator.language.substr(0,2) + ".m.";

function go(wikiPlace) { 
    var x = wikiPlace.split('_(')[0];
    var myEle = document.getElementById(""+x+"");

    if(myEle) { myEle.volume = 0.6; myEle.play(); } 

<audio preload="none" id="Nevada" SRC="audio/xr-Nevada.mp3"></audio>  
<audio preload="none" id="Oregon" SRC="audio/xr-Oregon.mp3"></audio>
<audio preload="none" id="Tijuana_Municipality" SRC="audio/xr-Tijuana.mp3"></audio>

<div class="xbtn" onclick="go('Nevada')">NV</div>
<div class="xbtn" onclick="go('Oregon')">OR</div>
<nobr   id="tjP2" onclick="go('Tijuana_Municipality')">Tijuana<sup>mx</sup></nobr>

Correct behavior: Play Audio Before Display. Windows & Android do this. iOS does not.

I expect an audio file to play and then Wikipedia page to open. Instead, iOS browser opens Wikipedia page and waits for it to close to then play the audio file.

  • Please show the HTML codes in your question as well. There is no audio tag in your provided codes. btw, imo your layout has lots of rooms to improve; looks confusing now. – Raptor Feb 11 at 2:44

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