please, help, as deadlines pushing me and I have this headacke with routing

var mainView = null,
myApp = new Framework7({
init: false,
theme: 'md',
language: LANG,
name: $('meta[name="copyright"]').attr('content'),

routes: [

view: {
    router: true,
    reloadPages: true,
    allowDuplicateUrls: true,

    pushState: true,
    pushStateSeparator: '',
    pushStateRoot: window.location.protocol + '//' + window.location.hostname + '/',
    iosDynamicNavbar: false,
    xhrCache: false,
on: {
    init: function(){
            myApp.routes = routes;

            mainView = myApp.views.create('.view-main', {
                name: 'main',
                main: true


modal: {
    title: $('title').html(),
    buttonOk: 'OK',
    buttonCancel: 'Отмена',
    preloaderTitle: 'Загрузка...',
    closeByOutside: true,

smartSelect: {
    openIn: 'picker',
    backText: 'Назад',
    popupCloseText: 'Закрыть',
    pickerCloseText: 'Выбрать',
    searchbar: false,
    backOnSelect: true,
panel: {
    swipe: false,
lazy: {
    threshold: 50,
    sequential: false,
sortable: {
    moveElements: false
notification: {
    closeOnClick: true,
    closeIcon: false,
    closeButtonText: 'Закрыть',
touch: {
    fastClicks: true
statusbar: {
    iosOverlaysWebView: true,
    scrollTopOnClick: true,
upscroller: {
    enable: true,
    text : 'К началу'
panels3d: {
    enable: true
onready: {
    enable: true
callback: {
    enable: true,
    numbers: [
        '(063) 756 5555',
        '<a id="callback" href="'+BASE+'feedback" class="item-content close-popover"><div class="item-inner"><div class="item-title"><b>Обратная связь</b></div></div></a>'

I use this to navigate

 mainView.router.navigate(url, {
    pushState: true,
    reloadCurrent: true,
    ignoreCache: true,
    force: true,

When any routing happens it makes this changes to state


I tried many different fixes.

P.S. I debugged that I use path like this “/uk-UA/products” to navigate and it 100% corresponds the routes

Routes sample

[{path: “/terms/”, url: “./terms”}, {path: “/terms”, url: “./terms”},…]

I tried urls with Domain (full path), relative with / in the beginning and this type as above ./

What to do?

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