I have a file on the classpath at "resources/file.txt" in a Spring Boot app.

How do i reference this in a Camel route?

I have tried:

from("file:resource:classpath:?fileName=file.txt") and variations on it. Nothing seems to work.

Any workaround here pls?


  • What is your use-case for doing this? It doesnt make so much sense at first thought – Claus Ibsen Feb 11 at 5:05
  • true. but why not? a hardcoded resource simply. – gurpal2000 Feb 11 at 8:18
  • 1
    You can use the stream component should AFAIR can read a file input stream from the classpath. – Claus Ibsen Feb 11 at 13:01

You cannot use the file component for this, as its intended for reading via java.io.File API - eg regular files on file systems. Also many of the options are for file specific tasks such as read locks, moving files around to avoid reading them again after processing, deleting the file(s), and scan into sub folders etc. All kind of tasks needed when exchanging data via files.

To read resources within JAR files, then you Java API or the stream component.

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