I am trying to write code,

any line which contains word 'ocean', I will write 'water' at the end

how would I conduct this with RegeEx?





Result (keeps all other spacing in file):


abcdocean123 water


Code Attempt:

    public string FileRead(string path)
        content = File.ReadAllText(path);
        return content;

    public string FileChange()

        var lines = content.Split(new[] { Environment.NewLine }, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)
                    .Select(line => Regex.Replace(line, @"\bocean\b\n", "water \n"));
        content = String.Join("\n", lines);
        return content;
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    You do not seem to have ocean as a whole word. Why regex then? Just check if a line contains ocean and append water to the end of those that have it. – Wiktor Stribiżew Feb 10 at 23:35
  • I added both non-regex and a regex solutions. See my answer below. – Wiktor Stribiżew Feb 11 at 0:01

You need to check if a line contains ocean, and, if yes, append the water to that line only:

var content = "test1\n\nabcdocean123 \n\n\ntest2\ntest3";
var lines = content.Split(new[] { "\n" }, StringSplitOptions.None)
            .Select(line => line.Contains("ocean") ? $"{line}water" : line);
return string.Join("\n", lines);

See the C# demo

If you still need to use a regex replace line.Contains("ocean") with Regex.IsMatch(line, @"\bocean\b"), or whatever regex you need there. Just note that \b is a word boundary and \bocean\b will match only when not enclosed with word chars (digits, letters or underscores).

Note you should rely on splitting with a newline without removing any empty lines, and when joining the lines back you won't lose any empty ones.

If you really want to continue your journey with regex, you may use

var content = "test1\n\nabcdocean123 \n\n\ntest2\ntest3";
content = Regex.Replace(content, @"ocean.*", "$&water");
// If your line endings are CRLF, use
// content = Regex.Replace(content, @"ocean[^\r\n]*", "$&water");

See this C# demo

Here, ocean.* matches ocean substring and .* matches the rest of the line and $& replaces with the match found and then water is added. [^\r\n] is preferable if your line endings may include CR and as . matches CR, it is safer to use [^\r\n], any char but CR and LF.


Check this

Regex.Replace(line, @"(ocean)(\w+)", "$1water $2\n");

Working Fiddle

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    I don't think you regex matches abcdocean123, does it? – Alexander Feb 10 at 23:35
  • thanks, doesn't seem to be working yet, I will keep researching – HardyWest Feb 10 at 23:39
  • Can you please check again? – Derviş Kayımbaşıoğlu Feb 10 at 23:40

There is no need to use Regex at all in your case, if I got your question right.

You can just check wheter a string contains the ocean phrase and append the water word then.

using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using System.Linq;

public class Program
    private static readonly string Token = "ocean";
    private static readonly string AppendToken = "water";
    public static void Main()
        var mylist = new List<string>(new string[] { "firststring", "asdsadsaoceansadsadas", "onemoreocean", "notOcccean" });
        var newList = mylist.Select(str => {
            if(str.Contains(Program.Token)) {
                return str + " " +Program.AppendToken;
            return str;
        foreach (object o in newList)

You can run this code on DotnetFiddle

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