I am new to Xamarin.Forms application development and comes from iOS native development. For my new application, I have to implement background image for the app to fit into the device screen exactly as it looks in native iOS app.

In my iOS experience, I had to include separate images for all device screens sizes and implement a category/extension on UIImage class to pick the correct image based on the screen/device size/resolution, which can set the background image correctly or how the splash screen renders.

Would I have to do similar custom implementation on the Xamarin.iOS side and set it from Xamarin.Forms app by calling the implementation on different OS Platform or is there any other way to implement that?

Right now I use a vector image of the resolution of iPhone Xs Max / iPad 12.9" Pro to be used/rendered in all devices, the output comes like the following images.

Original Image used/expectation: iPad: enter image description here iPhone: enter image description here

How it renders in actual devices:

iPhone Xr/Xs Max - renders perfect: enter image description here

iPhone X/Xs: enter image description here

iPhone 6/7/8 Plus: enter image description here

iPhone 6/7/8: enter image description here

iPad 12.9" Pro - renders perfect : enter image description here

iPad 10.5" Pro - not good : enter image description here

iPad Air - image background effect very much below : enter image description here

The expected output is to render perfectly as the iPhone Xs Max and iPad Pro 12.9" screeens in all the devices/resolutions.

In the current application, I have to make the backgroundImage from the ContentPage level as have the navigation (toolbars) buttons/elements show on top of the page background, so I cannot use a layout (Grid/RelativeLayout) and set the image to just AspectFill.

Any suggestions/sample code are highly appreciated.

P.S.: I checked different forums and SO questions, some of the answers reflect to use image inside the Grid or RelativeLayout and show it on the full screen. Still the experience is not perfect as we pick images for different screen sizes in the case of native iOS app.

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