I want to use a suitable libsodium keypair as user identity but I don't know yet what cryptography features I'll provide.

There seems to be 3 types of keypair generation in libsodium:


Also, there seems to be 3 types of keys:

// Source: https://github.com/DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped/blob/master/types/libsodium-wrappers/index.d.ts
export type KeyType = 'curve25519' | 'ed25519' | 'x25519';

I don't know which key-type corresponds to which key-pair generation function, or if they correspond at all.

So, the questions:

  1. Each key-pair is designed to be used with some functions (e.g., crypto_box_keypair() with crypto_box_easy()). What is the compatibility matrix between the keypair types & the cryptographic functions/capabilities?
  2. If there's a key-type that can be used with all functions, which one is it?
  • The question seems to be upside down. It sounds like you are saying, I want to use a library, but I don't know what kind of program I want to write. It is like putting the cart before the horse. – jww Feb 11 at 18:34

If you want to create a key pair for the box operation, use crypto_box_keypair().

If you need a key pair for signing, use crypto_sign_keypair().

If you need a key pair for key exchange, use crypto_kx_keypair().

A key for one operation is not guaranteed to be usable for a different operation. And a good hygiene in cryptography is to never use a key for two different purposes.

If you need to derive both a key pair for key exchange and for signing, you can use crypto_kx_seed_keypair() and crypto_sign_ed25519_seed_keypair() for this. The box operation also provides crypto_box_seed_keypair().

These functions deterministically derive a key pair from a seed. That seed can be considered your actual secret key, from which you can compute different types of key pairs.

  • Thank you, but, for instance, both crypto_box_keypair() & crypto_sign_keypair() produce the same type of key, so they are indeed inoperable for now. I know they are not guaranteed, but I was hoping someone knew the exact with libsodium :)). For "good hygiene", could I know why in that specific case? Why not use the same key for multiple purposes, if I could, in this specific specific setting? Regarding seed, I want one public identifier for the user, how would I do it using seed? I was going to do it with the corresponding public key if I went with one keypair. – Hossam El-Deen Feb 12 at 10:01
  • 1
    See What is the purpose of using separate key pairs for signing and encryption? - Why should one not use the same asymmetric key for encryption as they do for signing?. Use different keys. The public key you publish can be the concatenation of two public keys, especially since these are very short. – Frank Denis Feb 12 at 10:58

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