Official traefik documentation says that clustering/high availability is still in beta, but how do I use it in production without high availability? If it isn't ready for production use, when does it get ready? I should consider switching to another reverse proxy if it doesn't get ready anytime soon.

https://docs.traefik.io/#features https://docs.traefik.io/user-guide/cluster/

Also, doc only states about sharing backend/frontend configuration between traefik instances. It does not clearly state what can be shared or cannot.

  • Does it share number of http status codes across multiple traefik instances? If it doesn't, health status in dashboard and circuit breaker won't work correctly.
  • How does it work with providers like ECS? In other words, does traefik save backend/frontend configurations obtained from Docker container labels? If it doesn't, each traefik instance might temporarily be in inconsistent state when new ECS task is launched, or existing one is stopped.
  • Does it share health status of backend? It might try to stop the same ECS task twice when a task dies, if health status of tasks is not correctly shared.

Another problem I've found with clustering is that DynamoDB backend still doesn't support saving TLS certificates. I don't use this for now, though this might be another reason why it's still marked as a beta feature.


The doc doesn't seem to state that it's currently unsupported either.



The clustering features were indeed experimental in Traefik and were too much work for the team to keep up, which is why there's now Traefik Enterprise Edition, which should fit your exact needs. It's currently in Early access since December, but will soon come out. In the meantime, you can try it for free by getting a key here.

It has several features that might be of interest to you:

  • High availability
  • Cluster dashboard
  • Encrypted communication between nodes
  • Separation of control and data plane (your docker socket is no longer accessible via the container that is exposed to the internet)
  • The traefikeectl CLI that lets you operate your clusters very easily

To answer your questions, there are cluster-wide metrics, accessible through the dashboard, it works with all of the providers just like the open source version (since its core is still a standard Traefik server).

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