Using ffmpeg I have generated a sequence of images from the video, which are stored in the directory with a sequential names, Example: for video one.mp4, the sequence is


Similarly for two.mp4,


All the images for both one.mp4 and two.mp4 and any n.mp4 are stored in the same directory.

When one.mp4 is selected for preview. I want to grab all the images only of one.mp4 and stored them in sequence in the php array, as follows,

$a = ["onethumb0001.jpg","onethumb0002.jpg","onethumb0003.jpg","onethumb0004.jpg","onethumb0005.jpg","onethumb0006.jpg","onethumb0007.jpg","onethumb0008.jpg","onethumb0009.jpg","onethumb0010.jpg","onethumb0011.jpg","onethumb0012.jpg"..."onethumb0100.jpg"...."onethumbnnnn.jpg"];

Note: the number of images available for different videos is different and unknown in advance to read from directory.

Please guide.


You can use glob to search for the matching files. For example

$video = 'one.mp4';
$filenum = basename($video, '.mp4');
$videodir = '/home/some/path/';
$thumbs = glob("{$videodir}{$filenum}thumb*.jpg");
$thumbs = array_map('basename', $thumbs);

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