I have a textbox in a form. I use this textbox to write "Codes" and then I save it in the table in the database through the SQL insert statement, but the code doesn't accept to run and gives me an error message: Run-Time error '3075'.

type of database: Access database type of field data: LongText

What the problem and how to pass all same problems when I need to save codes inside the database field.

When I try to save the code without (') it's working!

I use this SQL Statement:

CurrentDb.Execute "Update Tbl_Codes Set [LP_ID]= " & Me.txtID & ", 
[Code_Title]='" & Me.txtTitle & "'" _
& " ,[Code_Des]= '" & Me.txtDes & "',[Code_Key]= '" & Me.txtKey & "', 
[Notes]= '" & Me.txtNotes & "'" _
& " Where [ID]= " & Me.txtID1 & ""

And I want to save this Code:

DSum("Field1";"Table";"Field2=  '" & Value & "'")
  • Concatenation is always a bad idea and open invitation to SQL injection, use parameterized query instead, it will solve your problem and also save you from other issues. – Taimur Khan Feb 11 at 6:34
  • You aren't running an INSERT statement, you show an UPDATE. Why do you reference txtID and txtID1? Are these both user input? You want to save a domain aggregate expression? The quote marks and apostrophes in the DSum() will cause issue. What is the content of Value? Value is a reserved word and really should not use reserved words as names for anything. Might be easier to open a recordset object and set field values that way. – June7 Feb 11 at 6:42
  • @TaimurKhan Please if you can give me an example of the parameterized query? – M.J Feb 11 at 7:05

Please change your code as follows. You need to escape single quotes by doubling them up. A simple replace will work for your.

CurrentDb.Execute "Update Tbl_Codes Set [LP_ID]= " & Replace(Me.txtID,"'","''") & ", 
[Code_Title]='" & Replace(Me.txtTitle,"'","''") & "'" _
& " ,[Code_Des]= '" & Replace(Me.txtDes,"'","''") & "',[Code_Key]= '" & Replace(Me.txtKey,"'","''") & "', 
[Notes]= '" & Replace(Me.txtNotes,"'","''") & "'" _
& " Where [ID]= " & Me.txtID1 & ""
DSum("Field1";"Table";"Field2=  '" & Replace(Value,"'","''") & "'")
  • thank you but what if I faced the same problem with another code quote? – M.J Feb 11 at 7:09
  • Please dig into dbs.CreateQueryDef to create a query dynamically using parameters. – Taimur Khan Feb 11 at 7:13
  • If above solution solves your issues. Please accept it as answers. – Taimur Khan Feb 11 at 7:17
  • could you please clear to me how I can do it? I mean db.createquerydef – M.J Feb 11 at 7:21

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