im having problem with nspredicate when searching for first character in search bar using fetch result controller (FRC).

Searchbar delegate for updatesearchresult :

public func updateSearchResults(for searchController: UISearchController){

    if let searchText = resultSearchController.searchBar.text , searchController.isActive {   Other codes........  }


My predicate as follows :

 let entity = NSEntityDescription.entity(forEntityName: "XMPPUserCoreDataStorageObject", in: moc)!
 let sd1 = NSSortDescriptor(key: "nickname", ascending: false)

 let sortDescriptors = [sd1]
 let fetchRequest:NSFetchRequest<XMPPUserCoreDataStorageObject> = NSFetchRequest(entityName: "XMPPUserCoreDataStorageObject")
 fetchRequest.entity = entity
 fetchRequest.sortDescriptors = sortDescriptors
 fetchRequest.fetchBatchSize = 10

 *fetchRequest.predicate =  NSPredicate(format:"jidStr contains[c] %@ OR nickname contains[c] %@ ", searchText,searchText)*

Im using custom sectionkeypath ("searchSection") to separate section Contacts and Group Chats as follows

let fetchedResultsController = NSFetchedResultsController(fetchRequest: fetchRequest, managedObjectContext:moc , sectionNameKeyPath: "searchSection", cacheName: nil)

For searchSection, declared as follows

dynamic var searchSection: String {

        return "Contacts"
        return "Group Chats"

You can refer to attached images below

No result

With result

I wonder why when second character entered then the result will appear but not with first character for some characters. Hoping anyone can help. Many thanks

  • Show code of your searching textfield or search controller delegate method. – Sagar Chauhan Feb 11 at 7:59
  • @SagarChauhan hi, i have added searchbar delegate for your references – megatcorleone Feb 11 at 8:03
  • i believe it got something with my searchSection , if i pass nil to sectionnamekeypath it would appear the result but i want to divide the section for each result (contacts if phone number while group chats for group). Hope someone will help me. Many thanks – megatcorleone Feb 11 at 8:26

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