I have a function ready to use to find the Nearest Neighbor. The issue that I have is I need to call this function based on one column condition of the data frame. The column is the ITC code which is the product code of the companies. I want the nearest neighbor to give me 10 results when first 8 digits product code matches for the companies then search in the companies when first 7 digits matches, then for first 6 digits and so on.

Some of the columns of my dataframe look like

enter image description here

  • Welcome to StackOverflow. Please take the time to read this post on how to provide a minimal, complete, and verifiable example and revise your question accordingly. These tips on how to ask a good question may also be useful. – Nihal Sangeeth Feb 11 at 7:30
  • What have you tried until now? Where are coming up with a problem? – Nihal Sangeeth Feb 11 at 7:31
  • Actually, I am new to coding, so I don't know how to exactly start to achieve this. But I have tried converting the ITC code column to string and get the digits by its index, then I want to know how to compare those with other values of ITC code. – Tanya Feb 11 at 7:36
  • Ok. Add your dataframes as code instead of image. You are actively not helping people find a solution. Please read stackoverflow.com/help/mcve . – Nihal Sangeeth Feb 11 at 8:31

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