When I try to install a channel it gives me the following error:

Error: got unexpected status: BAD_REQUEST -- Unknown consortium name: SampleConsortium

On the orderer I get the following WARN:

Rejecting broadcast of config message from because of error:Unknown consortium name: SampleConsortium

I am not referencing sample consortium In any way, I cant find it In any of the generated channel artifacts and on the logs of, peer, orderer, and cli does not appear any other feedback.

I am using version 1.4

I will be happy to share more info.


I see something weird when using the command create on the cli I get the following feedback:

[common.tools.configtxgen.localconfig] Load -> INFO 002 Loaded configuration: /etc/hyperledger/fabric/configtx.yaml

And when seeing that config Is a default template of the configtx file. Why is it doing this?


The consortium is defined in the file called configtx.yaml (specifically in the Profile section) , this is the file is used to create orderer genesis block and is embedded in docker-compose yaml file in orderer config section.

When you do docker-compose up this block is hardcoded into the orderer along with a system channel called testchainid. To verify the same, look up the docker logs by docker logs -f <orderer.example.com or whatever the url is>.

Looks like you have misconfigured configtx file, refer this file for better reference.

Specifically, You probably wrote something like

        Consortium: SampleConsortium

And missed defining the SampleConsortium in the genesis profile like

                    - <<: *org1

After making required modifications in the configtx file, recreate the artifacts including genesis.block, channel.tx, anchors.tx before restarting the network.

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