I have deployed a SCVMM 2012 R2 , two Windows Server 2012 R2 with the Hyper-V hosts.

For my test , I connect all devices (including a storage array(with two controllers),and a SMI-S provider) to the same switch.

When I tried to create iSCSI session and Use advanced settings, The three drop down lists Target portal, Target name and Initiator IP are empty. The followings are some settings I have done.

1. I have create two storage pools.

2. I have allocated storage pools to the host group.

3. I have set Microsoft iSCSI Initiator Service to start automatically and start it on both Hyper-V Hosts.

4. I have installed MPIO feature.

5. I have add the iSCSI portals and  logged both iSCSI Initiators to both controllers on the array.

6. SCVMM hyper-v host properties can show iSCSI Arrays and indicated that all storage pools are managed.

I would like to ask

  1. if I have missed any settings,

  2. and should SCVMM automatically scan the values of drop down lists(Target portal, Target name and Initiator IP) or SMI-S provider should send the values to SCVMM?


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