I want to get the columns values from the checked values from the state, but says this error Failed prop type: The prop children is marked as required in Sheet, but its value is undefined. in Sheet

async   export() {

    return (<Workbook filename="example.xlsx" element={<button className="btn 
 btn-lg btn-primary">Try me!</button>}>
        <Workbook.Sheet data={this.state.assets} name="Sheet A">

                Object.keys(this.state.checkboxes).filter(checkbox => 
                    .forEach(checkbox => {

                        return (
                            <React.Fragment key={checkbox}>
                                <Workbook.Column label={checkbox}        
                                  value {checkbox} />  
                        // console.log(checkbox, "is selected.");
                        // return( <Workbook.Column label={checkbox}    
                                       value={checkbox} />);





this is my constructor:

 constructor(props) {
    this.state = {
        assets: [],
        checkboxes: OPTIONS.reduce(
            (options, option) => ({
                [option]: false
    this.export = this.export.bind(this);

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