We have a custom Compiler that generates c++ source code from a DSL (headers + sources). Theses can have dependencies between each other which causes some problems.

All is good when the generated files already exist - in this case qmake can generate the dependencies itself. But if qmake is run without the generated sources being present this does not work and we get 'No such file or directory' issues when compiling.

Adding the generated sources/headers to target_predeps also does not work (in most cases) because of jom using several threads and source generation is not finished when compiling starts.

So I tried to inject these dependencies into the Makefile. I modified the custom compiler so that it can generate a dependency list for a given input file and tried to call that with depend_command. Again this works perfectly when the sources are already generated but on a clean build qmake filters out those not yet generated dependencies.

Is there some hidden flag to tell qmake to take those dependencies even though the files do not yet exist?

EDIT: Apparently this was fixed as of Qt 5.12, but I'm stuck with 5.9 and searching for a workaround.

  • this was fixed as of Qt 5.12, but I'm stuck with 5.9 So it was fixed inside qmake code? Then why not to take the newest qmake and use it with Qt 5.9? qmake is always statically built and is, in fact, independent of the Qt runtime. – Matt Feb 11 at 11:45

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