I have a runtime module that implements a K2Node and some party logic. It works in the editor, but not in a standalone game. As soon as i try to call functions from my game module with c++, i get a crash and the following error:

Fatal error:

[File: Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\Serialization\AsyncLoading.cpp] [Line: 734] Attempt to process /Script/MyModule/PartyContext before it has been added.

I tried different loading phases and loading the module in UGameEngine::Init(), but that didn't solve my problem.

bool ULocalPlayer::IsInAnActiveParty() const
if (GetWorld())
    UPartyContext* PartyContext = Cast<UPartyContext>(UBlueprintContextLibrary::GetContext(GetWorld(), UPartyContext::StaticClass()));
    if (PartyContext)
        return PartyContext->GetPartySize() > 1;

return false;

If I comment the code snippet above everything works. But if I want to call this in my ULocalPlayer class i get an error when trying to play in standalone game. The node works with blueprints, only c++ function calls don't work.

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