I have an old iOS application which has the LinkedIn APIs integrated. Now, I want to migrate to v2 since LinkedIn started deprecating v1. So, I changed the login flow to OAuth2, obtained an access_token and included in the header for the Profile API.

["Authorization": "Bearer " + access_token]

For the api : https://api.linkedin.com/v2/me, the response was similar to that of r_liteprofile response, but for other apis like https://api.linkedin.com/v2/people/(id:{profile ID})?projection=(id,firstName,lastName,industryId~), the response was

403: Not enough permissions to access

Since my application already has the r_fullprofile permission(as we can see from the developer console), I have added the same in the authorization endpoint. I want to get all the details from the r_basicprofile and r_fullprofile like educations, industry etc. Someone please help!

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