i have used custom validator

 protected void cvIsActive_ServerValidate(object source,ServerValidateEventArgs args)
                args.IsValid = true;
                args.IsValid = false;

this is code for server validate.. i have written to check whether its checked or not. i have taken control to validate as checkbox

<asp:CustomValidator runat="server" ErrorMessage="Please Select Status" 
            ID="cvIsActive" Font-Size="Smaller" 
            onservervalidate="cvIsActive_ServerValidate" ControlToValidate="chkIsActive"></asp:CustomValidator>

but as soon as page loads it giving error

Control 'chkIsActive' referenced by the ControlToValidate property of 'cvIsActive' cannot be validated. 
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You don't need to set ControlToValidate property for CustomValidator when using it with CheckBox and simply use this in Server Validate like:

 args.IsValid = chkIsActive.Checked;

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