I'm using this code below to do the crossfade, but it just snaps to the next image. I've read a few places that it's probably a bug that it doesn't work with images, but does just fine with color. Has anyone found a work around for images which preserves the cube map/skybox feature?

        SCNTransaction.animationDuration = 1.5

        if(activeLevel.bgm.bgImage != " ")
            theScene.background.contents = UIImage(named: activeLevel.bgm.bgImage)
            theScene.background.contents = UIColor.init(hexString: activeLevel.bgm.bgColor)


There is a similar question here SceneKit - Crossfade material property textures but when I use other image contents I loose the cubmap feature, which automatically takes the 6x1 grid image and wraps it around the scenes background.

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