I try to grab/scrap some content from a url with some conditions.

Here is f.e. the URL: https://www.google.com/shopping/product/9466886265596377945?prds=scoring:tps

So now I try to grab the seller-name plus the total-price.

The seller-name I grab with (without the seller-link): $seller = $xpath->query('//td/span/a/text()');

The total-price I grab with: $tprice = $xpath->query('//td[@class="os-total-col"]');

This works well so far BUT I have 2 problems that I can get fixed even after hours of google.

1 problem: I dont want to grab the sellers that are from ebay. So I tried:

$seller = $xpath->query('//td/span/a[not(contains(text(), '(eBay)'))]'); $seller = $xpath->query('//td/span/a[not(text()[contains(., '(eBay)')])]');

But both methods just give me a white page. I also tried some different syntax from web but nothing want work. I there a way to get the sellers without the ebay guys and maybie even without the seller-link?

2 problem: Is there a way or what is the best way to save my reults, so that the seller and his price are one unit, maybie an array?!

For now Im working with:

foreach ($seller as $val) { echo $dom->saveXML($val);// }

foreach ($tprice as $val) { echo $dom->saveXML($val);// or }

But this method dont work very well cause there is no connection between the seller and his total-price. So its hard to processed with the results for building a table or inserting into a mysql db.

Greetings and ty in advance :)

  • Ok, the first problem I fixed finaly with $seller = $xpath->query('//td/span/a[not(contains(text(),"eBay"))]');. But now its with the seller-link (a href). – Kuba Feb 11 at 10:49

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