I have been working with the mpu6050, and apparently its gyro-meter just stopped working.

2 days ago, it was giving the pitch / yaw / roll values perfectly, and now , the values just go crazy whenever i move the sensor, or even when i don't.

I also tried to use codes online, that are supposed to be working, i'm getting the same results.

I'd like to know if my sensor is broken.

Here's my code :

// Get new values
    // m_vAngularSpeed = m_sensors.GetFilteredAngularSpeed();
    m_vAngularSpeed = m_sensors.GetNormalizedAngularSpeed();
    m_vAcceleration = m_sensors.GetNormalizedAcceleration(); // We know the filter for the acceleration works, so we can use it

    // Calculate the angles from acceleration
    GetRollPitch(m_vAcceleration, m_vAccAngles);

    // Calculate angles from angular speed
    m_vAngSpeedAngles.x = m_vAngles.x + m_vAngularSpeed.x * delta;
    m_vAngSpeedAngles.y = m_vAngles.y + m_vAngularSpeed.y * delta;

    // We use the complimentary filter to get a better precision
    m_vAngles.x = 0.98 * m_vAngSpeedAngles.x + 0.02 * m_vAccAngles.x;
    m_vAngles.y = 0.98 * m_vAngSpeedAngles.y + 0.02 * m_vAccAngles.y;

I monitored the angles calculated from the acceleration, they are okay, but the gyrometer's are not.

Values i get : Values of the calculated angles

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