Animation and Model did not appear on the web uploading react.js

I'm setting up two model and 2 animation and different keyframe in blender. Export it into glb file. However not appear on the web. If i used only one character and 1 animation the model uploading and appear. The reason I uploading 2 models in 1 file is for save the space

  • Test your model in the gltf viewer. Question needs elaboration, link to reproduce and access to models – Diego Marcos Feb 11 at 17:01
  • already test using gltf viewer, and found this error - ACCESSOR_INDECOMPOSABLE_MATRIX . How to find solution for all gltf errors? – Nurul Al-Jauhari yesterday
  • Hard to tell without seeing the model. Try to simplify as much as you can for a minimal test case, share it and someone might be able to help. – Diego Marcos yesterday

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