I am solving two system of Odes with different parameters in python using odeint function. I can plot both of them but I want to show the difference between the data points of time series graph visually. Below is my code and example.

from scipy.integrate import odeint
from pylab import *
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

initial_condi = [.1,.1,.1,.1,.1]# Initial Conditions
t = np.arange(0, 18,.1)    

def equation(w, t): #System of ODEs defined in Equation 1
    T, U, V,W,I = w
    dT = 0.9*I*1*10.24 - T*0.0012
    dU = V*T*0.0154 - U*1*0.81        
    dV = W*0.1*0.12 + U*1*0.81 - V*1.64 - V*T*0.015        
    dW= V*1.64 + 0.7*1*0.47 - W*0.1*0.12 - W*U*1591.5*1        
    dI= T*0.0012 + 0.8*U*1410.79*1- 0.9*I*1*10.24 - I*1*1934.77*1

    return  dT, dU, dV, dW, dI    
result_init = odeint(equation, initial_condi, t)

def equation3(w, t):#Alternative System of ODEs defined in Equation 2

    T,U,V,W,I = w        
    dT = 0.00690000e02-0.00890000e02*T+4.6500000010*I+1.96600002*I    
    dU = U*T*0.29060000 - U*2.99990001+1.9000011*U        
    dV =- V*0.0090e02 + U*0.39+ W*0.022 - 1.6900e00*V        
    dW = V*0.00590001e-05 + 0.306001011 -W*0.19999002 - W*U*1303.271000e+00        
    dI= -105.00010e+01*I-73.54000000e01*I -0.17500060*U +0.00900000e+03 + 104.00120*U            
    return  dT, dU, dV, dW, dI
result_mdu = odeint(equation3, initial_condi, t)

plt.plot(t, result_init[:,0 ],'g',t, result_mdu[:,0],'b')

It plots the following graph: enter image description here

I want to plot my graph to show that how different two time series graph are using odeint. Like the one shown in example below. It doesn't matter to fallow the exact example. Its just an idea to clarify to show Thanks . enter image description here

  • "I want to show the difference between the data points of time series graph visually" So why not just plot the difference? E.g. plt.plot(t, result_init[:,0 ] - result_mdu[:,0], 'r'). Or do you want something just like that last plot, where you have some vertical lines between the two curves labeled with the difference? – Warren Weckesser Feb 11 at 13:58
  • @WarrenWeckesser . Yes I want to show vertical lines between the two curves labelled with the difference or any other alternative which can be done to it so that I can differentiate between target and resultant curves. – A4 Page Feb 11 at 14:22

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