In my program, I'm using nodegit. I'm able to list commits using nodegit:

var nodegit = require("nodegit");
var path = require("path");
var fs = require("fs");

var shas = [];
var names= [];
var mess= [];
var sums= [];
var time =[];
let promise = new Promise(function(resolve, reject) {
    nodegit.Repository.open(path.resolve(__dirname, "repo_dir/.git"))
        .then(function(repo) {
            return repo.getMasterCommit();
        // History returns an event.
        var history = firstCommitOnMaster.history(nodegit.Revwalk.SORT.TIME,nodegit.Revwalk.SORT.REVERSE);
        var sh = [];
        var t =[];
        var m = [];
        var names = [];
        var s = [];
        var nfiles = [];
        var numfiles = [];

        // History emits "commit" event for each commit in the branch's history

        history.on("commit", function(commit) {






promise.then(result =>{
    shas = result[2];
    names = result[3];
    sums = result[4];
    nf = result[5];
let student = {  
    t: time,
    m: mess, 
    shsh: shas,
    n: names,
    sum: sums, 
    numf: nf,

let data = JSON.stringify(student, null, 2);  
fs.writeFileSync('fileJ.json', data, (err) => {  
    if (err) throw err;
    console.log('Data written to file');


But my problem is to do the same thing but in commits listed different commits between two branches by using nodegit.

What I'm found is mostly in GitBash by commend:

$ git log --left-right --graph --cherry-pick --oneline feature...branch

My code should Compare master with a brunch like in this tool on site : Compare tool on a site

Then get all the commits and stored information in JSON like in a code for the master. Thank you all for any help.

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