I'm observing a very strange behaviour from our network. One device is opening a client socket on server and after data transmission, the device closes the connection. Until now everything is OK.

Later on, a few duplicate packets arrive probably because of errors on the line (which might happen). Because the connection is already closed, the server sends a RST. The RST is acknowledged (ACK) by the device. Then a new RST is sent, etc... There is an infinite loop of RST/ACK, and I don't find in the TCP protocol RFC who is wrong : probably, the device should not send an ACK for the RST ? Where can I find this information ?

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    You don't ACK a RST. If you see that happening, there's something else wrong. – David Hoelzer Feb 11 at 11:19
  • You can find this in RFC 793 – David Hoelzer Feb 11 at 11:19

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