I configured my jenkins job (freestyle) with dev/test/prod environments using choice parameter with "This project is parameterised" option form jenkins job configuration.

I have setup webhook in my github soouce as https://myjenkins/github-webhook/ . when i commit a change to github repo, it is triggering build in jenkins always with "dev" environment option. how to make it to choose any of the other environment, based on my requirement?

I googled but didn't find correct answer. can someone help me?


Short answer

Use some branch strategy and in your job do something like:

  deploy to dev
  deploy to dev
  deploy to production
ETC ...

Detailed answer

When a developer perform a git push to Github, Bitbucket or Gitlab, these platforms send a Json to your continuous integration server(jenkis, travis,etc) with a lot of information related to the push event. Most important are:

  • repository name
  • target branch name: Branch who receive the git push
  • commit message
  • commit author


Then in your continuous integration server you must parse this Json to get important values. In jenkis there are several plugins like: Generic webhook, easy webhook plugin, github plugin, etc

After of values extraction you can apply simple or complex validations using branch name, commit message, commit author, etc. For instance:

  • only master branch could be deployed to production environment
  • only branch whose name ends with "snapshot" could be deployed to development environment: fix-issue-snapshot, feature-abc-snapshot, etc
  • if commit message contains "WIP" it will mean that it is still in progress or development, then no deployment will be made.
  • only push of team lead will be deployed
  • if build , unit test and other validations are passed in the source code of feature-100-development branch, a new branch called feature-100-release will be created, then this branch will be deployed to testing environment. This *release branch is candidate to be deployed in production if Q&A Team does not detect any functional issue.
  • any other automation flow from simple to complex.

Your imagination is your only limitation.

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