• @angular/cli: 6.1.5
  • @angular/pwa: 0.8.9

I am trying to cache a few specific API requests in my app using angular service worker. Following is a part of my "ngsw-config.json":

"dataGroups": [
      "name": "api-performance",
      "urls": [
      "cacheConfig": {
        "strategy": "performance",
        "maxSize": 100,
        "maxAge": "1h"

I have specified only one URL: "/partone/parttwo/partthree" but when I check my cache storage, it has entries for not only "/partone/parttwo/partthree" but for also for URLs like: "/partone/parttwo/partthree-extrapath". How can I only have entries for paths which is just "/partone/parttwo/partthree"?

  • try sort of "/partone/parttwo/partthree!/**/*.*" angular.io/guide/… or you could try with "urls": [ "!/**/*.*", "/partone/parttwo/partthree" ], – Whisher Feb 11 at 11:14
  • @Whisher: This is now not storing even "/partone/parttwo/partthree". I am looking through the doc link you have provided, It may be helpful. Thanks! – xyz Feb 11 at 11:34
  • @Whisher: I believe the provided link doesn't talk about API urls but rather browser's navigation urls. – xyz Feb 11 at 12:15

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