I'm trying to program a simple mail client in Python which can both send and read messages from inbox in gmail. The sending part works well, but the reading part keeps giving me a bad result.

Here is the python code:

import imaplib
import base64
email_user = '<gmail_address>'
email_pass = '<password>'

M = imaplib.IMAP4_SSL('imap.gmail.com', 993)
M.login(email_user, email_pass)

typ, message_numbers = M.search(None, 'ALL')  # change variable name, and use new name in for loop

typ, data = M.fetch(b'1', '(RFC822)')
data1 = base64.b64decode(data[0][1])
print('Message \n%s' %data1)

and the result is:


I appreciate any modified code and hint. Also I'm new to python so please keep your descriptions as simple as possible...

  • For what it's worth, base64.b64encode(bytestring) decodes to b'DeliveredToxymail007gmailcomReceivedby2002a1790a10500000withSMTPidy16v6csp2406698pjdMon11Feb20190252150800PSTXReceivedby2002adf822dwithSMTPid42mr16772978wrb631549882335302Mon11Feb20190252150800PSTARCSeali1arsasha256t1549882335cvnonedgooglecoms=' -- this sort of reveals how desperately the base64 decoder had to struggle to make sense of your message. – tripleee Feb 11 at 12:24

The message you receive in data[0][1] is not base64.

You want to do something like

from email import message_from_bytes
msg = message_from_bytes(data[0][1])

and then manipulate msg.

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