I would like to get a plot similar to the one below (made using Tableau) using plot_ly. Key aspects of the plot are the categories/subcategories, as well as the fact that 2 variables ("median click rate" and "median unique open rate") fit both axis.

enter image description here

Here the code I have tried

df_newsletters_all %>% 
  group_by(mot_cle_objet, jour_semaine) %>%
  plot_ly(y = ~mot_cle_objet ,x = ~med_unique, split=~jour_semaine, type ="bar", marker = list(color = 'rgb(26, 118, 255)')) %>%
  add_trace(y = ~mot_cle_objet ,x = ~med_clic, split=~jour_semaine, type ="bar", marker = list(color = 'rgb(26, 0, 255)'))%>%
  layout(title = "Median Unique open rate and click rate per categories and per days",
         xaxis=list(title = "Rate in %"),
         yaxis=list(title = ""))

and this is what I get

enter image description here

Is there a way to achieve this with plot_ly? Overlayering bars or bars for one variable and scatter for the other is both fine as far as understanding is concerned.

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