I want to show a message when session end or redirect to a login page on .net web application.

I tried to use Session_End global.asax event but when this event fired, context is closed so I can't redirect to any page.

I tried too to send refresh meta tag but it refresh page even if the user is navigating on page, I mean, the refresh tag is never updating.

There is a method to do this? Can you help me please.

Thanks in advance.


You need JS to poll the server periodically (e.g. every minute using setTimeout) to ask am I still logged in?. If it gets false as a response, your JS can do whatever you'd like (show a message, redirect to the login page etc).

The server side implementation will be something like

public ActionResult IsAuthenticated(string url)
    var isAuthenticated = HttpContext?.User?.Identity?.IsAuthenticated ?? false;
     return Json(isAuthenticated); // change this line to whatever shape of JSON you want

public class DoNotExtendAuthenticationAttribute : ActionFilterAttribute
    public override void OnResultExecuted(ResultExecutedContext filterContext)

DoNotExtendAuthenticationAttribute is needed to effectively disable forms auth's sliding expiration logic.

For your routing, be sure to use the SessionlessHandler so that it doesn't continually extend the Session.

  • But if you do this, the session is resetting everyTime javascript is making a call to the server... – Francisco Márquez Chaves Feb 11 at 17:15
  • Updated to be clearer about that @FranciscoMárquezChaves and how to avoid it. – mjwills Feb 11 at 20:41

Can you try to add Timer event with ScriptManager and with timer tick event you can check your status. if session has value then continue if not give them message or what ever you want.

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