I cant seem to select multiple options after calling a function (onlick= edit_data). It works when the values is passed manuelly, however when the function is getting the info from a variable its not working.

Here is the function

function edit_data(invoker,id){
    $('#gls_zones input[name="id"]').val($(invoker).data('id'));
    $('#gls_zones input[name="name"]').val($(invoker).data('name'));

    var countries = $(invoker).data('countries');

    $('#countries').selectpicker('val', [countries]);


<td class="sorting_1" tabindex="0"><a href="#" onclick="edit_data(this,7); return false;" data-id="7" data-name="Zone 1" data-countries="22,83,128,155">Zone 1</a></td>


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    Welcome to StackOverflow! Can you supply an example illustrating you problem? It must be possible to do in jsfiddle.net – Alex Yu Feb 11 at 11:48
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    jsfiddle.net/uz1Ln7xf/8 – user3624601 Feb 11 at 12:52
  • Please clarify: a) what does it means "however when the function is getting the info from a variable its not working", b) onclick=edit_date - you mistyped edit_data?, c) jsfiddle.net/r87cnf5w/1 - is this edited fiddle is correct? – Alex Yu Feb 11 at 13:12
  • Oooh yes, mistyped edit date in the description – user3624601 Feb 11 at 13:22
  • And fiddle is correct – user3624601 Feb 11 at 13:22

Does this fiddle solve your problem?

The problem with your script is that your edit_data gets a global object (window) as invoker.

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