In my notebook I've a loop in which I want to ask the user to binary "Yes" or "No". On this choice the algorithm is suppposed to continue.

for i in range(n_total):
    waiting_for_scoring = True
    print("True or False?")
    display.display(widgets.HBox((true_button, false_button)))
    a = true_button.on_click(on_true_button)
    a = false_button.on_click(on_false_button)
    while waiting_for_scoring == True:
        #waiting for user input

How can I make the loop to wait, after the widgets HBox creation, and wait for user input (button click) to continue with the new value answered?

Here's my two functions for the buttons:

def on_true_button(x):
    global waiting_for_scoring
    y_new = 1
    waiting_for_scoring = False
    return y_new

def on_false_button(x):
    global waiting_for_scoring
    y_new = 0
    waiting_for_scoring = False
    return y_new

Could you help me to stop the loop until the user presses the button and then use this input? Thank you in advance

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