I am new to Corda, My question is that I have a stock State

Name: XYZ LTD, Amount: 100, unitPrice:10

owned by PartyA, now If I want to transfer part of these stocks lets say amount:10 of the stocks, I am able to transfer that amount but then the input state will be consumed and what will happen to the remaining "90" stocks. If i query now PartyA will have no states left and PartyB will have the 10 stock states I have transferred.


Yes, you can, for that you'd use Fungible states. please refer the finance model here. You'll understand how it works. Corda follows a UTXO Model, so your state which has amount 100 will be consumed and 2 output states will be Created, one with amount 10, which will have owner as the counter party and the other with 90 amount i.e. the change, which you'll be owner of. Refer Cash State on how a Fungible state should is implemented.

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