To connect to a specific API we need to include a certificate, the private key and a CA from a NodeJS function deployed to AWS Lambda.

In test environments we can just use the fs.readFileSync to a local path on the test server but this doesn't apply of course in AWS Lambda.

Our call is as follows:

return request({
      method: args.method,
      uri: this.baseUrl,
      headers: {
        "User-Agent": "XXXX-Wrapper"
      form: this.queryParams,
      json: false,
      cert: this.cert,
      key: this.key,
      ca: this.ca
    }, callback);

Is there a way to read the certificate information from either a AWS KMS or is the only way to upload these certificates to a private S3 bucket and read them from there?

We've also tried to store the raw certificates in the Parameter Store as encrypted values and read them from there as NodeJS process variables but this didn't seem to work.

  • Don't really know much on this but have you looked at AWS Certificate Manager. – ASR Feb 11 at 14:49

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