I am writing a program which will tranlate a byte of data or multiple bytes of data to a corresponding string message for forwarding and back again.

I believe it will need a Translation table(?), if that is what the technical term is for it. It’s similar to the way that a router implements a NAT translates Ports to IP addresses. The translation from bytes to message will be easy as I can just call up the number in the table, however, translation the message back again where the input data is a string will requiring finding the correct message to return.

For instance, I will receive a 1 and then forward the corresponding "Hello". Easy peasy.

Receive       Forward
1             "Hello"
12            "Goodbye"
33            "How are you?"

The return however, will require me to search through the strings to find the correct number/bytes to return.

Receive               Forward
"Hello"               17
"See you later"       18
"Very well thanks"    505

Is the name "Translation Table" correct for this concept?

What is the most efficient way to search the table of strings for the corresponding number to forward?


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