I have a DAG which runs every 4 hours in a day. Every day the first run of the day fails, while the remaining runs pass successfully. The Recent Task's give me all task as passed. But when I click the DAG, I can see the first day of the run as failed from the Tree View.

How can I get the list of all the failed run/tasks for particular DAG from Data Profiling, as I dont want to modify anything in production environment.


Go to Data Profiling -> Adhoc Query -> airflow_Db and then execute the following query:

 Select * from task_instance where state="failed" && dag_id="your_dag_id"

It will list out all the task of that particular dag_id which is failed.

If you want all the task_id of a particular dag_id which got failed, execute the below query:

 Select * from task_instance where state="failed" && dag_id="your_dag_id" && task_id="your_task_id"

Well like wise you can perform any query, you can see all the filed which is present in the task_instance by querying select * from task_instance

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