For the eventviewer i want default viewconfigs for each entry in the event-tree. These channel_i.xml are stored under $env:ProgramData\Microsoft\Event Viewer in folders according to the tree structure. Sadly there seems to be no standard behaviour to map the Logname to its config-file location. Is there a function to get this? Target locale is german. Currently i'm using a custom function with all the exceptions in a hashtable returning the original string if it wasn't found. Main Code is

Get-WinEvent -ListLog * | % {
        writeFile $builtin (localize $_.LogName)
        $components = $_.Logname.Split("/")
        if($components.Count -gt 1) { 
            $name = $components[1] 
            $components= $components[0].Split("-")
            [System.Collections.ArrayList]$components= $components[0].Split("-")
            $name = $components[-1]
        if($components.Count -gt 2){
            $components = $components[0..1] +($components[2..($components.Count-1)] -join "-")
        $path = localize ($components -join "\")
        WriteFile "$app\$path" (localize $name)

Full Code can be found under https://pastebin.com/Cn4JSmLL

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