I'm building an API and would like to test with my android app on my local system. So I have edited the host file to add the IP address of my Laptop following with hostname that I'm using. Restarted my device and chrome is able to visit this host.

But when using the same host with retrofit and I'm getting this exception

java.net.UnknownHostException: Unable to resolve host "somedomainname": No address associated with hostname

I can't seem to figure out how do I allow the app to connect with my virtual host. Many of you will recommend using the IP address instead, but I have several projects lying around and each of them has there own VirtualHost also the project is outside the root directory localhost so I can't just use an IP address. For now just using the remote server for testing

  • somedomainname is not a valid internet address we can visit – ZUNJAE Feb 11 at 12:21

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