I'm counting the amount of times employees were late. If they check-in/swipe their card past a certain time, then "late" is stored as true via boolean automatically.

However, if the card swipe was to happen multiple times in a day, the "late" amount keeps increasing. Is there a way to state that if a record of being late for a specific attendant already exsits for today, don't save any new ones until the next day?

If something like ->startOfNExtDay for Carbon exists, that would perhaps fit well.

Here's a picture and code where I save late records:


  if($attendance) {
        $attendance->checked_out_at = $current;
        $attendance->time_spent_working = $attendance->checked_out_at->diffInSeconds($attendance->checked_in_at);
    } else {
        $attendance = new Attendance();
        $attendance->name = $employee->name;
        $attendance->employee_id = $employee->id;
        $attendance->checked_in_at = $current;

        if (($attendance->checked_in_at->startOfDay()->addHours(10)) < $attendance->checked_in_at) {
            $attendance->late = true;

        } else {
            $attendance->late = false;

Displaying it in the view:

            <table class="table attendances_table">
                <tr class="thead-bordered">
                    <th class="centered-text">Total time Worked</th>
                    <th class="centered-text">Times Being Late</th>
                @foreach($employees as $employee)
                    <td>{{ $employee->name }}</td>
                    <td class="centered-text">{{ gmdate("H:i:s", $total_time[$employee->id]) }}</td>
                    <td class="centered-text">{{ $total_late[$employee->id] }}</td>

Thanks in advance!

  • You'll probably find everything you need in Carbon. I guess Carbon::isSameDay method should help you. Also find more methods here carbon.nesbot.com/docs – Bharat Geleda Feb 13 at 18:51

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