How to pass customized parameter in the ionic side menu?
For example: If I click on Home in my ionic side menu it should pass a value to the next page.
I'm unable to figure out how to achieve this, I have displayed my code, it would be great if someone help me.
Thank you.

    this.pages =
     { title: 'Home', component:ProfilePage, iconn: 'ios-home'}, // here I want to pass a value "Yes" on clicking on Home to the ProfilePage
     { title:'My Contacts', component:PropsegrigationPage, iconn: 'people'},
     { title: 'Logout', component: Logout , iconn: 'log-out'}
  • can you share your current method that pushes the page you select from side menu? Then It would be easy to help you – Sergey Rudenko Feb 11 at 16:07

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