I am using svg.js library for rotation. I want rotation to happen from one angle to other angle. I need animation duration of 500 ms between the rotation. On the browser edge the rotation does not take place in circular direction instead it moves straight to the next angle. I have already defined rotation point as 50,50.

I have tried rotate and transform rotation method from svg.js library, but I have not achieved the rotation from current angle to the angle where click event occur. Below is the code after click event where the angle define the next angle where rotation should move and stop.

function moveHotspotPointer(angle) {
    if (currentBrowser == "ie" || currentBrowser == "edge") {
        var hp = SVG.get('hotspot-pointer');
        hp.animate(500).rotate(angle, 50, 50);

        /* hp.animate(500).transform({ rotation: 255, cx: 50, cy: 50 }).transform({ rotation: angle,  cx: 50, cy: 50 }) */


Expected result: The rotation should happen from one angle to other angle with some duration.

Actual result: The rotation takes place on complete dial then comes to the destination angle instead of angle to angle.

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