hi every one i am trying to get to web application exist in my computer through java fx web view :

public void start(Stage stage) throws Exception {
    WebView webView = new WebView();
    WebEngine engine = webView.getEngine();

    engine.load("");//loadContent("<html> href = C:/Users/kaisios/Desktop/attempt9000.html<\\html>");

    VBox vBox = new VBox();

    Scene scene = new Scene(vBox, 800, 500);

but it does not load the content . NOTE: I have already run xamp server but i think the formula of the url is wrong


There are several things wrong with the URL:

  • The protocol: This is probably http. You need to specify the IP in the protocol part of the url instead
  • The loopback IP is not
  • The port is specified right after the host, which in this case is the IP
  • The port may be incorrect (verify in your xampp control panel that the port used is indeed 8080)

the correct url (assuming the rest is correct; use your standard webbrowser to check first) is

You could also use a file URL, if you don't want to run a server:

File file = new File("C:/Users/kaisios/Desktop/attempt9000.html");

Listening to the onError event can help you identify the issue:

engine.setOnError(evt -> {
    Throwable error = evt.getError();
    if (error != null) {
  • thanks for your kind help – Kais Kotamy Feb 16 at 14:27

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