I'm trying to run Android TensorFlow Lite Object Detection on a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ that has Emteria OS. I used a NoIR Camera as my camera instead of the PiCam, since I need the camera to work on low light situations.

I cloned the tensorflow github repository, and imported the Tensorflow Lite Example to Android Studio. I edited the manifest so that only the Detector Activity would be installed. I ran it on an Android Tablet to test, and it works great. The detection is fast and the tablet doesn't get too hot.

I then deployed the same code to the Emteria OS. The code ran for about 5 frames, and then it just froze. There was no logged errors by either the app nor the system, the app simply stops. I'm not sure if it fails to call a function that would start the process all over again.

Has anyone encountered the same issue?

The reason why I'm using Emteria on the RaspberryPi is that I haven't seen any sample of TFLite Object Detection on the RPi, only Object Classification. I need the location of the detected objects in my project.

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